Remine Platform Announced as Member Benefit!

We are excited to officially roll out Remine platform as a member benefit of NTREIS!

Remine provides actionable insights to real estate agents by delivering big data, and new content inside of the MLS, with the singular focus of keeping agents at the center of the transaction.

Simply put, Remine combines data on property and people to create new opportunities for you!

The Starter Plan is a complimentary, and is available immediately without having to create an account.

 What is Remine?

Remine is the most powerful lead generation platform and best of all, as a licensee of NTREIS you do not need to create an account because it is part of your MLS. Remine is already live and you can go search properties immediately through your NTREIS Dashboard.

Why Remine?

With Remine, you can now put Opportunity on a Map:

  1. Predictive Analytics: Know when clients are most likely to buy or sell property – in increments of 6 months (e.g. 6 mo, 12 mo, 18 mo, 24 mo, and more than 25 months)
  2. Simple Map-Based Search. Sort opportunities by propensity to sell, value, equity, mortgage information, ownership time, and more
  3. Occupants and contact info. Purchase household contact information of owners, absentee-owners, and non-owner occupants
  4. Track properties and people. Keep a pulse on properties, neighborhoods, and people including changes in sell score, MLS activity, occupancy, deeds, and more

What does it cost?

Remine is already integrated with NTREIS and the Starter Plan is available to you at no additional charge. This allows you to conduct unlimited searches within Remine, and track up to 100 opportunities.

If you’d like to grow your business more, there are three levels of upgrade available to you:

How do I access it?

You do not need to create an account or register at Remine.  You can access it directly from your NTREIS Dashboard.

Still have Questions?

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a demo for yourself or your team, please contact Remine at 855.217.0171 or The Remine team is standing by to support you and learn how Remine can win you more business today!