NTREIS Expands Remine Offering to Include Remine Pro

Starting August 1st all NTREIS members will have access to all features of the Remine platform on desktop and mobile devices.

Less than two years after launching the Remine platform, North Texas Real Estate Information Systems (NTREIS) will be upgrading to the Remine Pro version, empowering members with the most modern real estate platform in the industry.

As part of the expanded offering, members in NTREIS will have access to the full suite of search, prospecting, and client engagement tools Remine has to offer. In addition, newly released features such as enhanced public record data, Remine Mobile, and all future Pro enhancements will be included as part of this expanded offering.

“Remine has continually proven the value of its platform to our members. With the purchase of Remine Pro we continue to focus on our members by staying on the forefront of Remine’s innovation in real estate technology,” said John Holley, CEO, NTREIS.

“We are honored to be equipping members in NTREIS with the latest tools Remine has to offer. Not only will all members have our premium features unlocked, but they will be the first in line to see coming enhancements,” said Jonathan Spinetto, COO, Remine.

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Upcoming dates:
August 1st 11am, 2pm, 4pm CST
August 2nd 2pm
August 5th 1pm
August 7th 11am
August 8th 1pm
August 9th 2pm