Product Imagery Coming Soon

Property imagery is fundamental to real estate. Whether it’s to effectively market a home that’s being listed or to provide context on why an appraisal has been adjusted up or down, photos can reveal essential insights about a property.  

However, with more than 1,000,000 property photos being uploaded each day in the US alone, there are limits to the amount of photos individuals, or even companies, can meaningfully analyze.  

Restb.AI’s suite of computer vision and AI solutions helps you understand the content of your property images and translate it into actionable insights to enable you to improve valuation accuracy, automate time-consuming manual processes, and enhance the way people interact with properties.

Restb.AI is in testing now and will be launched soon for integrations with Matrix and Listing Data Checker.

When released to production for NTREIS Matrix, all on market listing photos will require a caption and will automatically be generated by AI – if the system cannot determine the room, it will label as Other.   Agents will need to review the photo caption and can change it to any of the items in the image drop down list. Photo descriptions can be generated automatically, or the box can be unchecked, and the agent can add manual descriptions. No existing photo descriptions will be changed.

This is for ADA website compliance for those with visual impairments using screen readers to “hear” what you are sharing in the photos.

Restb.AI will also be configured for Listing Data Checker to check for persons, license plates and branding.

Click here for a video with more information.