Showing Courtesy and Professionalism When You’re Showing

With the burgeoning spring market, temptation to skip past the rules and forget common courtesy can get the better of us. But showing violations are a serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly. For your own protection, please remember to follow the MLS & Key Service Rules.

Things that are never allowed:

  • Showing properties without an appointment
  • Giving lockbox combination codes to clients 
  • Allowing clients to go alone to properties
  • Giving Supra Keys to either an assistant or client and allowing them to open lockboxes in violation of the rules.

What are the consequences? How does being charged a$500 fine and being required to take TREC Legal 1 and Legal 2 courses sound? You may also be liable if something happens when an unauthorized showing happens and your key was used to access the property. Further, imagine your embarrassment if your client is visiting a property without authorization and gets in trouble for trespassing. Or defending yourself when it turns out the client gets bit by a dog that would have been removed if the showing had been authorized. Try winning that deal back. You also risk assuming liability if there is a theft of the seller’s property.

What should you do if you encounter an issue like this? Email a detailed account of the issue along with any CSS or other appointment records and/or a report from the Supra box showing who opened the box. Email the complaint to

Avoid a messy situation and remember these rules:

  •  ALWAYS Make the required appointments as directed in the “Showing Instructions”.
  •  NEVER give lockbox combination codes to clients or any other third party.
  • NEVER allow them access to a listed property without you.
  • NEVER loan your Supra key to anyone.

Remember, Supra key rules are in place to protect you, the Seller, and the Buyers.

Please enjoy this thriving market while it lasts. Don’t make mistakes that can deprive you of your ability to reap the benefits of a healthy market.