Strategies for Your First Meeting With a Client

Your first meeting with potential clients could not be more important. This could be the beginning of an excellent business relationship!

You’ll get to know each other and determine if you can work well together. But you should have other goals for this meeting, too. Whatever type of transaction a prospect is contemplating, consider tackling the following topics when you meet face-to-face:

Learn the Assignment

What are the prospects’ priorities when they buy, sell, or lease? What are their must-haves and nice-to-haves? What is their budget and timeframe? It seems obvious, but you need to clearly understand your clients’ objectives.

Ask Who’s Involved

The prospects in front of you may not be your only stakeholders. A trusted family member or business associate could be a key decision-maker throughout the transaction. Find out if anyone else needs to be copied on communications or brought into conversations.

Explain Brokerage Services

You must give a party the Information About Brokerage Services (TXR 2501, TREC IABS 1-0) notice during the first substantive communication relating to a specific property. This notice is purely informational and isn’t a representation agreement or disclosure notice. You could explain to your prospect that signing it only acknowledges that you have presented and explained it to them.

Discuss How To Communicate

Ask about the best ways to stay in touch. Discuss timing of communications as well. Not only will your clients appreciate you accommodating their preferences, but it will make the real estate transaction go more smoothly.

Identify Next Steps

Be sure to leave the meeting with a plan going forward. Offer to send your prospects additional information based on questions or requests they had for you. Tell them when they can expect to hear from you again. After the meeting, follow up and thank them for meeting with you.

Source: Texas REALTORS®