The Super Powers of a Broker

Most agents know their Broker has abilities to make changes in MLS that they do not have. Most agents and Brokers are not sure what those abilities are.

  • Your Broker can move a listing from one agent in the office to another.
  • The broker will see the listing modification screen.  The Broker simply selects a new agent.
  • Your broker can update the listings of agents who are no longer in the office by selecting Quick Modify and inputting the MLS number to modify.
  • Your Broker can edit a closed listing for three days after it is closed. The broker will need to access the listing by the MLS Number under the input function by using the Quick Modify option. Note: the status cannot be changed, only the closing information.
  • The most important access a broker has is to be able to cancel a listing. The Broker will see the Change to Cancelled link when accessing the listing to modify.  The Broker will enter a cancelled date and submit the change.