MetroTex NEWS

Matrix ‘TEAMS’ are here!

We are pleased to announce a new release to Matrix that will vastly improve Team functionality and Team name displays in Matrix.

  • Team name will only be available Agent displays
  • Existing Team names and settings will import to the new configuration as long as those TEAM names have been registered through TREC
  • When entering listings or closing out listings, you may do so using the TEAM name.

If you are a Team Leader and ready to take advantage of this new functionality, have your broker file/register the TEAM Information through TREC.

More information from TREC on their “Name Management Tool” which is used to file/register the TEAM information through TREC.

Once you have filed/registered the TEAM through TREC, you will then submit the required attached Team Profile Registration form to the MetroTex MLS Department via email at

Please contact the MLS Department at 214-540-2755 with any questions.