Texas named best place to make a living in 2015

Great news for everyone out there trying to make a living — which is, you know, everyone. Texas is the best place in the country to do just that.

Forbes reported the “The 10 Best and Worst Places to Make a Living in 2015” and Texas topped the list (on the good side). Last year, Texas ranked second, behind Washington.

Taking into account average wages, taxes, cost of living, unemployment, and workplace safety,MoneyRates.com ranked the 50 states by livability. For Texas, the very low cost of living amplified the effects of slightly higher wages, and the fact that we have no income tax didn’t hurt.

Workers in Texas can also take heart in knowing that — except for the occasional stubbed toe — they’re pretty unlikely to get injured on the job. Only Louisiana had fewer instances of workplace injury.

Washington took the No. 2 spot this year, followed by Wyoming, Virginia, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, Delaware, Ohio, and Utah.

They say no additional points were added for scenery, but I’m betting they caught a peek of the skyline over the Trinity at sunset.

Source: Dallas Morning News