The 5 Spookiest MLS Violations to Watch Out For

    1. Contact Information in Photos

    It is against MLS Rules and Regulations to have any text, promotional content, or contact information and media. When in doubt, leave it out!

      2. Option period – Expired

      When your listing goes under contract, it is super exciting! Just don’t forget, when the option period is over, mark that listing as Pending status or back to Active status.

      3. Incorrect City

      The County Appraisal District (CAD) has the correct city for your listing. If a specific city is taxing that property, that is the city that needs to go on your listing.

      4. Use of another agents’ photos

      Make sure that you have the proper permission when you are posting photos on the MLS. It is against MLS rules to use another agent’s photos without their permission.

      5. Clear Cooperation Violations

      When marketing a property to the public, you have 1 business day to enter that listing into MLS. Talk to your sellers about what your marketing strategy will be, and when you will enter that listing into MLS.

      Don’t ghost us! If you get a violation notice for one of your listings, give us a call or an email. The MLS Department is happy to help you. or 214-540-2755