These Inspection Changes Become Mandatory Next Year

Texas real estate inspectors must follow new standards of practice next year. The changes adopted by the Texas Real Estate Commission in August take effect February 1, 2022, giving inspectors time to learn the new standards. In the meantime, inspectors are required to follow the existing standards.

According to Chair of TREC’s Inspector Committee Lee Warren, “These changes have been in the works for over three years.” TREC commissioners unanimously approved the revisions.

TREC’s Property Inspection Report Form (REI 7-6) has been revised based on the updated standards of practice. The preamble to the report form also has been modified to make the information easier for inspectors’ clients to understand.

The revised Property Inspection Report Form is available for voluntary use now and becomes mandatory when the standards of practice go into effect in February 2022. You can find the form on TREC’s website,

Source: Texas REALTOR® Magazine