Upcoming Matrix MLS System & Feature Updates

Matrix 6.12 Release is scheduled to be released to production the evening of  July 22nd.   The start time is 10:00 p.m. with an expected downtime of 30 minutes,  after which Matrix will be available to users, but many of the new features will not be visible until configuration is complete.

New and Enhanced Features:

• New Header and Footer packages that now span the entire width of the portal.   Previous headers were 745 pixels wide.   Users that have previously loaded custom headers are encouraged to upload new images at 1200×85.

•  A new Thumbnail and Map display will be available for the portal

•  Text size is increased on the portal Welcome and tabs are moved to left to accommodate the wider banner.

•  Mapping tool icons are grouped together

•   Ribbons displaying Change type display across listing Thumbnails

•   Sort option for auto emails to allow “Order by Date Sent”

•   Agent will now receive email notification if the client has not clicked through to accept

•   Market Watch widget will include drop down to switch from one selection to another

•   Data will be auto saved every few minutes when entering new listings (not when editing an existing)

•   Reverse Prospecting highlight agents in the user’s office

In addition, the INRIX Drive Time feature is being installed with the update for NTREIS Subscribers.

The map search will now include an option to search for listings within a time frame selection to my destination –  for example,  enter the customer’s work address and find listings within a 30 minute commute time.

NTREIS Matrix 6.12 Release Notes