Updates From BrokerBay

Home Inspectors and Photographers now have the ability to book on listings via the Concierge Service.

Previously, affiliates would call the BrokerBay Live Concierge and be told to directly book the appointment with the listing agent and that they could not be serviced.

Now, when calling the BrokerBay Call Center, the call center can look up the inspector’s profile and book an appointment for them just like they would an agent. The listing agent will then get an appointment request that indicates this person is not an agent and therefore has to be approved by the LA. The LA approves that appointment, and the the inspector is sent a confirmation email.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Simply keep an eye out for a Home Inspector/Photographer request notification
  2. Approve the request
  3. The BrokerBay Live Concierge, or our automated process, will quickly and easily deliver access details to that Inspector/Photographer. No more booking appointments on their behalf!

Only affiliates that are members of one or more of our Shareholder Associations have been added to the system.

Showing in Pending

As there are occasions when the buyer’s agent may need access to the property for the buyer or contractors, etc.,  BrokerBay has now added the ability to book a showing for listings in Pending Status.