Updates From TREC’s February Meeting

The Texas Real Estate Commission met on February 14. A video replay of the meeting along with the full agenda and materials are available at TREC’s website. Below are updates relevant to your business.

Homeowners Association Database

Legislation from last year required TREC to develop and maintain a website for HOAs to file management certificates containing certain contact information. The website went live December 1, 2021, and as of now there are 2,762 management certificates uploaded. The deadline for all HOAs to provide the information is June 1, 2022. The website is hoa.texas.gov.

Adopted Changes to Broker Education and Experience Requirements

As proposed at the November TREC meeting, the commission approved changes to education and experience requirements to get a broker’s license. In summary:

  • Applicants must have at least one transaction per year in four of the past five years.
  • The experience points required to be earned by applicants is reduced from 3,600 to 360 along with corresponding reductions in the number of points transactions are worth.
  • Listings and buyer or tenant representation agreements no longer qualify for points, and a brokerage team management or delegated supervisory position is worth 12 points per month instead of 20, with no maximum on the number of points allowed.

Proposed Rule Changes

As part of the commission’s quadrennial rule review, several changes have been proposed. These changes are non-substantive and for the most part update terminology and make edits for consistency. The rules will be published in the Texas Register for comment and taken up at the next commission meeting.