Voting Information

MetroTex Association of REALTORS® supports and endorses candidates who help in our mission to protect the private property rights of homeowners and tenants. These candidates understand this mission and have committed to working with MetroTex to continue to promote homeownership in their districts. REALTORS® have a strong voice in their communities and continue to lead by example. We encourage everyone to get out and vote!

Crucial Dates

  • First day of Early Voting – April 24, 2023
  • Last day of Early Voting – May 2, 2023
  • Election Day – May 6, 2023


How are candidates selected for endorsement?
Candidates are interviewed by MetroTex, Texas REALTORS®, and/or NAR, to determine their positions and commitments on issues directly effecting property rights of homeowners and tenants, and REALTORS® themselves.

Does MetroTex support a specific party?
Endorsements are made regardless of political affiliation.  You may hear about the REALTOR® Party – a powerful alliance of REALTORS® and REALTOR® Associations working to advance public policies and candidates that build strong communities, protect property interests and promote a vibrant business environment. The REALTOR® Party may include candidates of any political affiliation, as long as they are committed and invested in the issues facing REALTORS® and homeowners and tenants. Find out more.

How do I know where MetroTex stands on specific issues?
Check out MetroTex Public Policy Positions.

How can I make a difference?
Make sure you get out and vote! The REALTOR® voice is strong and pivotal. Also, invest in TREPAC.

Where can I vote?
Find my polling place on the Texas Secretary of State’s website.

REALTOR® Party Resources & Public Policy Positions

Check out MetroTex Public Policy Positions for MetroTex positions on specific issues.

Visit the REALTOR® Party site  for more REALTOR® Party resources..

REALTOR® Endorsed Candidates

Your Local Endorsements

Carrie Gordon

Mayor Candidate: Balch Springs

Carrie Gordon is involved in the community, promotes business growth, and engages with the community around them. She can be described as a proactive and engaged leader who prioritizes the needs and aspirations of the community they seek to serve. Such a candidate can be characterized as someone who is committed to promoting economic development, creating job opportunities, and fostering a thriving business environment, while also staying connected with the concerns and issues of the residents they represent.

Marie Tedei

City Council Candidate District 7: Balch Springs

Marie Tedei promotes community engagement, development, and advocates for providing the best education to youth can be described as a visionary and committed leader who recognizes the value of investing in the future of their community. Also known for their commitment to community engagement and development, actively seeking out and listening to the needs and concerns of residents and working collaboratively to create innovative solutions that address community challenges.

Steve Babick

Mayor Candidate: Carrollton

Steve Babick has goals of focusing on improving public safety, infrastructure, and economic development can be described as a results-driven and forward-thinking leader who is committed to ensuring the prosperity and well-being of his community. Steve is seen as a pragmatic and determined leader who is focused on achieving tangible results for his community. Mayor Steve Babick is a skilled problem-solver, collaborator, and communicator, with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing his community and a clear vision for how to build a brighter future.

Jason Carpenter

City Council Candidate Place 2: Carrollton

Jason would like to focus on fiscal responsibility, making public safety a top priority, and investing in aging infrastructure can be described as expedient and responsible leader who recognizes the importance of effective governance and prudent resource management. Such a candidate is likely to prioritize the well-being and safety of their community, while also recognizing the need for fiscal discipline and accountability.

Dr. Andrew Palacidos

City Council Candidate Place 4: Carrollton

Palacidos is an experienced leader and an advocate for community development can be described as a seasoned and respected leader who has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing their community. Such a candidate is likely to have a track record of working collaboratively with stakeholders to identify and address critical issues, while also advocating for policies and programs that promote community growth and prosperity.

Mike Dooling

City Council Candidate Place 6: Carrollton

Mike supports infrastructure development, economic growth, and public safety and can be described as a proponent of progress and stability. Additionally, Mike supports initiatives that promote job creation and economic growth in his city. In terms of public safety, Mike supports policies that enhance community policing, and reduce crime rates.

Jim Walker

City Council Candidate Place 1: Coppell

Jim Walker is a dedicated and committed public servant. Strongly understands the needs and concerns of his constituents, having spent time listening to working with them directly. With his experiences come developed relationships making him effective at building coalitions and advocating for his community’s interest.

Jesse Moreno

City Council Candidate Place 2: Dallas

Jesse Moreno is a candidate who prioritizes the needs and well-being of his constituents, particularly seniors and homeowners. By advocating for a higher homestead exemption for seniors, Jesse demonstrates a commitment to helping seniors stay in their homes by reducing their property tax burden. This can also help seniors on a fixed income manage their expenses more effectively and improve their quality of life. Lowering taxes demonstrates the candidate’s belief in responsible fiscal policies, which may help stimulate economic growth and improve the financial well-being of their constituents. By promoting public safety, the candidate is likely to advocate for policies that protect and serve their community, such as increasing police presence.

Carolyn King Arnold

City Council Candidate District 4: Dallas

Carolyn King Arnold advocates for the importance of creating a vibrant and dynamic community that attracts new businesses and residents, promotes economic growth, and provides affordable housing options. They may see housing development and small business growth as interconnected, believing that a thriving business climate will attract new residents, and vice versa.

Jaime Resendez

City Council Candidate District 5: Dallas

Jaime is a well-rounded leader who prioritizes the well-being and progress of their constituents. He understands the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment for his community, while also promoting policies that encourage economic growth and opportunity. Jaime has a strong focus on keeping Dallas affordable to natives in a climate with increasing cost of living. He has supported lowering the tax rate and increasing the homestead exemption for senior citizens.

Tracy Dotie Hill

City Council Candidate District 7: Dallas

Tracy has served as your Election Judge for over 20 years, she and her family have lived in Buckner Terrace for over 27 years. She has been the owner of Heavenly Homes Real Estate and a Broker for over 23 years. An active advocate for voters and a dedicated public servant for years. She brings the experience of an elected official with the knowledge of what affects the real estate industry.

Tennell Atkins

City Council Candidate District 8: Dallas

Tennell Atkins is a seasoned leader who has a proven track record of success in public service. He understands the complexities of government and possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate the political landscape to effectively promote economic growth and development.

Kathy Stewart

City Council Candidate District 10: Dallas

Kathy Stewart is a dedicated leader who prioritizes the growth and health of her constituents. She understands the importance of creating safe and secure communities, while also promoting policies that encourage economic growth and opportunity. She believes in the power of community engagement and actively seeks to involve residents in the decision-making process.

Jayne Shultz

City Council Candidate District 11: Dallas

Jayne Shultz is dedicated to creating policies that promote fiscal responsibility, invest in critical infrastructure, and prioritize public safety. Her dedication to promoting fiscal responsibility, investing in critical infrastructure, and prioritizing public safety make them an ideal candidate.

Gay Donnell Willis

City Council Candidate District 13: Dallas

Gay Donnell Willis is a resolute leader who is devoted to improving the quality of life for her constituents. She advocates for improvement and fixing neighborhood infrastructure such as sidewalks, streets, and alleys. She has taken every opportunity while on city council to lower the tax burden on her constituents.

Paul E Ridley

City Council Candidate District 14: Dallas

Paul E. Ridley is a zealous candidate who is dedicated to promoting policies that encourage economic growth, reduce the tax burden on individuals and businesses, and prioritize public safety. His commitment to streamlining regulations, reducing the tax burden, and promoting public safety make him an ideal candidate for district 14.

Greg Contreras

City Council Candidate Place 5: Duncanville

Greg can be described as a committed leader who is dedicated to improving the lives of the people in his community. He believes that transparency is essential in building trust with constituents and ensuring that government officials are accountable to the people they serve. He is committed to neighborhood redevelopment and recognizes that revitalizing communities is essential to creating a vibrant and thriving city.

DeMonica Gooden

City Council Candidate: Duncanville

DeMonica Gooden is an advocate for establishing trust and accountability between her constituents and local government. She plans on establishing a plan to increase transparency through open communication, regular town hall meetings, and other initiatives that promote community involvement in the decision-making process. She plans to bring her 20 years public service experience and use that to be an effective member on the City Council.

Terry Lynne

Mayor Candidate: Farmers Branch

Terry Lynne has been an advocate for the improvement and development of the Farmers Branch. He is highly interested in lowering the tax burden on his constituency while not compromising the public services that are vital to the city’s success. He strives to ensure that there will always be an open line to communication between the city and its constituents.

Scott LeMay

Mayor Candidate: Garland

Scott LeMay can be described as a compassionate and effective leader who advocates for improving senior citizens’ quality of life and promoting animal welfare by remodeling animal shelters. Their dedication to supporting seniors and animals in need makes them an ideal candidate.

Jorja Clemson

City Council Candidate District 1: Grand Prairie

She prioritizes creating a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. By actively participating in community activities, she demonstrates her dedication to listening to and engaging with members of her community to understand their concerns and needs. She uses this knowledge to inform her policies and decision-making to create a more equitable and just society.

Jeff Copeland

City Council Candidate Place 7: Grand Prairie

Jeff recognizes the importance of small businesses in driving economic growth and creating jobs in their community. They understand that small businesses are the backbone of the local economy and prioritize supporting them through policies and initiatives that remove barriers to growth and promote entrepreneurship. Jeff recognizes that a safe community is vital to attracting and retaining businesses and residents alike. As a result, they support measures that ensure public safety, such as adequate funding for law enforcement and community-based programs that address the root causes of crime.

Christopher Coy

City Council Candidate Place 5: Grapevine

Christopher has a strong understanding of the local issues affecting their community and can effectively communicate their vision for addressing these issues to their constituents. They are likely to have a reputation for transparency and accountability, with a commitment to using their position to improve the lives of those they represent.

Rick Stopfer

Mayor Candidate: Irving

Rick has a clear vision for the future of their community, recognizing the importance of ongoing investment in infrastructure to ensure long-term economic growth and prosperity. He is also likely to be committed to supporting the rights of homeowners, recognizing the vital role that homeownership plays in building strong and stable communities. Rick is a committed and passionate leader who has a proven track record of supporting community development, infrastructure improvements, and homeowner rights.

Ross McMullin

City Council Candidate Place 6: Keller

Ross has a keen eye for identifying opportunities to promote sustainable economic growth and development in their community. He understands the importance of balancing economic development with the needs and priorities of taxpayers and is committed to ensuring that any development projects are financially responsible and aligned with the long-term goals of their community. He is committed to continuing to develop programs and initiatives that promote safety and security in their community.

Curtis Dorian Bahr

City Council Candidate Place 1: Richardson

Curtis is a dedicated leader who is committed to improving the lives of his constituents. Curtis is committed to creating a prosperous and thriving community and is willing to work hard to achieve that goal. He supports attracting new business leading to economic development. Curtis also has plans to focus on investment in infrastructure and other public works projects that benefit the community.

Stephen Christopher Springs

City Council Candidate Place 3: Richardson

Stephen values the input of his constituency and actively seeks out feedback and suggestions from the people he represents. He understands that the best decisions are often made in collaboration with the community and is committed to working with his constituents to find solutions to pressing issues. His experience in civic leadership shows that he has a strong understanding of how government works and how to effectively represent his constituents.

Edwin Kenneth Hutchenrider Jr.

City Council Candidate Place 5: Richardson

Edwin is a is a strong and reliable leader who prioritizes transparency, community engagement, and public safety. Edwin understands that the best decisions are often made in concurrence with the community and is devoted to working with his constituents to find solutions to critical issues affecting the community.

Janet Depuy

Mayor Candidate: Richardson

Janet is commitment to the redevelopment of downtown shows that she understands the importance of economic development and revitalization. She supports attracting new businesses, creating jobs, and making the downtown area a more vibrant and attractive place to live and work. She understands that working together with other leaders at the state level can help bring resources and funding to their community. She has established relationships with state officials and is skilled at advocating for the needs of their constituents at the state level.

Statewide Candidate Endorsements

View endorsed candidates statewide.