Email marketing done right

If you want to maintain a steady flow in your transaction pipeline, you need a strong email strategy. Use effective email tools to stay top of mind and gain referrals and earn repeat business. Follow our strategies to improve your drip campaign and watch your business grow.

Build your database. Of course you’ll market to your sphere, your past clients and people you know. Don’t be afraid to collect email addresses everywhere you go. Have an opt-in feature on your website and ask at open houses. Collect addresses while you network and don’t be afraid to ask in conversation. The larger your database, the more likely your audience will either be in the market or know someone who is.

Be strategic. Make sure your email content is relevant and personal. Offer useful tips or reminders in a conversational tone. Be consistent and predictable with your timing. Monday mornings are big catch up days for people, so try emailing at off times, like afternoons midweek.

Get to the point. Try to avoid sounding like clickbait in your subject line. Avoid “Top 5 AMAZING Secrets to Homeownership” in favor of “Fall Home Maintenance Tips.” Be direct in your email, too. You don’t need a lot of fluffy language to get your message across and still be useful. Try to use emotional storytelling to create a particularly compelling message. This works well to promote charitable events you are sponsoring or supporting.

Be personal. Make sure that little touches, like adding the recipient’s name or subdivision are included. Make them feel like the message is something you wanted to share with them specifically.

Have fun. A touch of humor every now and then keeps the tone conversational. For instance, use a fun animated to add some personality to your message. You can find a variety of existing GIFs or make your own at Or include a short video announcing a local event, new business, or even a market report.

Be Reachable. Make sure your email signature block includes your full name, all phone numbers, email and web addresses and links.

Be shareable. Just like your webpage, you should have links to your social media accounts in your signature block or at the top of the message. If you need help, there are free online templates using these features.

Be grateful. Use autoresponders to send out thank you notes and confirmations. Thank clients for contacting you and assure them that you will respond quickly to their message. If they are responding to a specific event RSVP request, send a confirmation that they are on the guest list.

Spend a little time setting up your email drip campaign and you’ll keep your pipeline flowing at a predictable pace!