What are you doing today to fill your pipeline for tomorrow?

We get it. In this market, you get busy with the contracts you are closing today and don’t have a lot of time to work on lead generation. But you know that keeping your income steady is dependent on always adding to your pipeline. Here are some tips to make filling your pipeline a habitual part of your everyday business practices.

Get some facetime. Remember that meeting people in person generates more business. Get out into your farming area and meet people. Find ways you can help them that may have nothing to do with your real estate business. When you’re speaking with local business owners, explain that you love to give and get referrals. Then ask them about their business goals and needs. Think about who you know that can meet those needs and make an introduction. If you lead with a giving hand, you’ll be able to build a foundation for future referrals from them. Reach out to your sphere and reconnect in person with each one in a planned and routine basis (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually depending on how often they provide referrals).

Hold open houses. Yes, even in today’s market an open house can be a great way to add to your pipeline. Make sure people sign in when they enter and offer to send them up-to-date list of available homes as they become available. Set up fishbowls around the property for prize drawings. Create a guide for buyers in your area and provide a link for them to download it at their convenience. Make sure you have an email capture on the site for them to download the guide (include things like local or neighborhood amenities, packing tips, and referrals for local services).

Believe in the hype. In the week before the listing goes live, put out a coming soon sign and brochures. Hold an Open House on the first day the property becomes Active.

Get creative. Stick with me on this one. If you have a unique property that is proving difficult to market, or if you have one coming up in a particularly stellar location, get permission from the sellers to rent the space for an event. Services like EventUp allow you to list properties available for rent for a single event or a short term. Think weddings, corporate events, community groups, or trendy pop-up shops. Short term rentals are in demand and you’ll fill the property with potential buyers and people who may be able to refer someone to you. You can choose an event that will fit your target market, and generate some income for the sellers. If the property is vacant, choose an event planner that will stage the space beautifully. Your focus during the event is to make sure every person attending that event gets information and a takeaway about the property.

Follow up! The most important part of networking and lead generation is regularly following up with their leads. Use a customer relationship management (CRM) software to help you. There are dozens out there. Make sure the one you choose is designed for real estate and doesn’t break the bank. Realty Juggler, Contactually, Market Leader and Top Producer are popular products. Pick the one that feels most comfortable to you and make sure you use it every day.

What are your favorite ways to generate leads for your business? What have you tried that has bombed?