Join the Leadership Academy and Take Charge in your Community

Leadership Begins at Home

Our industry needs energetic leaders to guide us through the rapid changes technology and the shifting economy of the new millennium. We need the kind of star power that defines success through selfless leadership and work. A lot of hard work.

It takes an extraordinary effort to rise to the top. Some do it through innovation, others make great strides with a little luck and a lot of hard work. But true leaders find they have to give of themselves first.

Dallas is lucky to have some really interesting emerging stars. Stars that are intently focused on making DFW an even better place to live and work. The MetroTex Leadership Academy is currently searching for candidates who want to become industry leaders and be the shining stars for our future.

Join the Leadership Academy and Take Charge in your Community.

Leadership Academy grads learn about the challenges facing their communities and what it takes to address the issues. Previous grads will be here to teach you to become a better team-builder, to encourage other agents, and to create networking opportunities that benefit both agents and clients. And when you join the Leadership Academy, you’ll sharpen your problem-solving skills and get on track to join the leaders in our industry.

Giving back first.

The Leadership Academy seeks individuals who are committed to giving of themselves for our communities, our industry and our future. Will you be the one people look to when they need encouragement? Can you inspire someone else to be a little better? Apply today