Global Alliances Gather in Washington

Experiencing the power of the global community in the world’s most powerful city is something you’ll never forget. While the global business community might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you read about the annual NAR Legislative Meetings, you’ll find the meeting is a goldmine for REALTORS with an international focus. If you’re looking for a great way to network with agents around the world and to grow your global business pipeline, these meetings are a great place to start.

At the NAR meeting earlier this month, there was ample opportunity to network with REALTORS® from all over the world. Plus, the global meetings gave Global Business Council members the chance to meet presidential liaisons from affiliated organizations around the world. There are also opportunities to meet with your congress members and senators to voice your concerns about the flow of business between countries. Plus, many embassies sponsor events to highlight their particular country economically and culturally.

But it’s not all about networking with your foreign counterparts and legislators. You can learn a lot about the global economy at the Legislative Meetings as well. There are CIPS and other related classes, presentations on current market conditions, and seminars about the economies in other countries. A veritable treasure trove of learning is available for members with an interest in international business.

This year, the Global Programs for Associations kicked off the NAR meetings, and the CIPS Advisory Board met early to discuss CIPS classes and institutes around the world. Hot on their heels, the Global Alliances Advisory Board met to discuss the state of global alliances around the world, new efforts to bring more associations into membership, and efforts to create associations in countries without a strong professional real estate presence. Later, the meetings included an international housing update.

Outside of Global Business Council events, the NAR Legislative Meetings featured several prominent speakers, including General Colin Powell, Bob Woodward, Lawrence Yun (NAR Economist), Julian Castro and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass). And to add a bit of fun away from the meetings, there were visits to various government buildings and departments, Smithsonian exhibits, monuments by moonlight tours and the NAR offices open house.

Building your global business practice requires networking and staying on top of the latest news and trends. Participating in events like the NAR Legislative Meetings is a great way to build your brand and to be the best at what you do for your clients. To find out more about upcoming events, be sure to join the MetroTex Global Business Council and watch MetroTex E-News for updates to the events calendar.