Public Education Resources

REALTORS know that it’s important to have a solid grasp on what’s going on with the schools in a neighborhood. We want to help! Whether you need to understand school district boundaries, if buses are available, or how to get in touch with the PTA for a client, we’ve got the links for you. Metrotex’s very own Public Education Committee now has links to many of the local public school districts right on our webpage. Check it out at Or, click on the map to search for a specific school or district, see ratings, TEA reports and administrator contact information.

Imagine harnessing this tool to win more referrals and close more deals. For instance, once you find the link to our district, you can search for boundary maps, bus route locators, school holidays, and great news about accomplishments at each school. Or, you can do a quick search to find out what’s happening before you go to your next showing. If you know your client has a kid who’s into the sciences, search the district for STEM news and tell mom and dad about DISD’s STEM day or how kids at Harwood Junior High are researching solar powered cars. Connect with them, show them you’re an expert, and get the kids excited about their new school all at the same time. It only takes a couple minutes of research to make a great impression.

Or, ensure your listing has the most complete information possible by using the Bus Locator to determine both whether there is bus service available and which schools are fed by the property. Your listings will attract the right buyers more quickly when you provide accurate information.

Try it for yourself today. Just remember to go to the Public Education Resource Page to find the link. The Public Education Committee is working to make sure every Metrotex member has the tools they need to help their clients find public school resources. Come visit our committee and find out more about the successes and challenges of the public schools in your area.

Metrotex Public Education Committee meets the third Wednesday of every month at 1:30 at the Dallas Metrotex location.