This spring, crank up the curb appeal

Our very best advice for sellers for staging from the street

Whether or not you’re planning on selling your home this spring, boosting your curb appeal will make your home look great and it will make your neighbors green with envy. If you are planning to sell your home this spring, it might just put a few extra dollars in your pocket.

First impressions go a long way in sales. Most people will drive by homes before booking a showing, so you’ll want to make sure it looks appealing before it hits the market.

Start by cleaning up. Rake up any remaining leaves, mow and edge the lawn and pull up those pesky weeds. You know they grow faster than your grass this time of year. You might as well get rid of them and save yourself from having to mow again too soon. If you’ve got bare spots, add fresh sod or reseed. Pressure wash the house, walkways, and driveway. Here’s a great tutorial on pressure washing your brick to make it look great. Now, take a look at the lights and hardware. Clean and polish where possible. We don’t want any dead bugs in the entry lights! Replace fixtures if they’re too dated or corroded. Wash the windows.

Next, address the flower beds, trees and hedges. Pull any weeds out of the beds and add mulch where needed. Remember that you need to leave some foundation exposed (about 6 inches) to discourage termites. If your soil or mulch level is already that high, you’ll need to remove some before you add more mulch. Inspectors will catch that every time. Trim trees and hedges neatly and appropriately to their species. Raise the canopy of trees if branches are too low to the ground. Wash flower pots and fill them with fresh plants. Add fresh flowers and greens to beds when the danger of frost is over, or hang flower boxes on the window sills. Add a fresh doormat and stage the entry with a piece of porch furniture if there’s room, or potted plants if not. At night, keep lights on and illuminate pathways with solar lights to make the drive up feel welcoming.

Make sure the house numbers on the house, curb and mailbox are easy to read and in good condition. Replace them if necessary. Inspect the doorbell and locks and ensure they are in good working order. Repair or replace them as needed.

Now, take a step back and look at the front porch. Does the door need painting or staining? Are there posts or columns that could use a fresh coat of paint? Refresh them to coordinate with the trim, but not blend in with the house. Popular choices are red, black, blue, or wood stain. If you have a banister or steps, make sure they’re sturdy and not loose or creaky.

Be sure to hide any yard equipment, hoses, children’s toys, trash bins and recycling containers. Everything should look neat and tidy. If you have a wood pile, make sure it is neatly stacked away from the house. If you’ve got muddy areas from rainwater run-off, get some river rock or crushed granite and address it that way. Ensure downspouts are connected at the base and replace any that have been smashed or run over while mowing.