New agents! Are you trying to wrap your head around this whole real estate thing?

If you’re a newer agent, navigating the ins, outs and whys of a brokerage can be frustrating at times. You’re trying to cobble together a business and it seems like your manager is preoccupied with keeping you busy with paperwork. How are you supposed to earn a living if you’re stuck behind a computer or in meetings all day?

The learning curve for Realtors is steep, and the pressure is on to start earning a living. Make the most of getting in your required continuing education hours by choosing those that will teach you not only how to build your business, but also how it all works behind the scenes. For example, would you know how to protect your client’s data from identity theft or be able to select the proper amount of E&O insurance on your own?

GRI Brokerage examines the day to day workings of a real estate office, like why certain policies need to be in place and the best practices for keeping files and records. It also takes a close look at the independent contractor agreement and how it differs from a regular employee/employer relationship in the eyes of the law.

Sometimes people who are eager to market themselves can get some pretty wild ideas about how to go about it. Some are amazing, creative and terrific. Others are simply terrifying. GRI Brokerage class can protect you from yourself. It takes an in-depth look at the Code of Ethics and the Deceptive Trade Practices Act and important steps you can take to limit your liability. At the same time, it offers legitimate ways to help you create a professional image, business plan, and budget. The class also covers marketing and prospecting and goal setting.

The GRI Designation is a mark of excellence that signifies the graduate is a cut above other real estate practitioners. It represents the knowledge and professionalism needed to perform successfully in today’s multifaceted real estate field. Earn 30 hours of SAE credit or 10 hours of CE credit. After successfully completing GRI Finance, Marketing and Brokerage, REALTORS® are awarded the prestigious GRI Designation. GRI courses may be taken in any order. The GRI program is designed for agents with one to three years of real estate experience.

Multi-day GRI classes are being offered in throughout the year at MetroTex. GRI Finance will be offered in two rounds in May; May 3&4 and May10 & 11. Plan ahead and take advantage of this great opportunity to learn a lot about the business you’re entering.