Building Lasting Relationships With Clients

You know that checking in with past clients is a great way to build relationships that lead to repeat business and referrals. In addition to the obvious occasions like birthdays and holidays, try messaging them during the following times to stay on their radar and maintain the connection you shared during their real estate transaction.

On the anniversary of their home purchase or sale

Closing day is a major milestone for buyers and sellers. Honor it by thanking them once again for their business. Wish them continued happiness in this next chapter. Perhaps share a photo. Ask them what they remember most from closing or what they wish went differently. They may be touched that you remembered their special day.

After running into a mutual acquaintance

Messaging after a chance encounter has several benefits. It’s casual, unscheduled, and reinforces that you are a trusted member of their social circle. It shows you aren’t just a real estate expert; you’re also a part of their community.

When something reminded you of them

What better time to share that you’re thinking of past clients than when you are actually thinking of them? If you haven’t messaged them in a while and something reminds you of them—like an interest or hobby or a news story—send a short message. Be sure to add why you thought of them in case they forgot they shared that information with you.

Just because

You don’t need a reason to just say hello and send well wishes. Invite former clients to coffee. Say you hope to see them at a community event you plan to attend. Even if they decline, your clients will appreciate the sentiment.

When you have personalized real estate updates

Are your clients still interested in what’s happening in the market? Most people are! Keep an eye out for their preferences and let them know about relevant developments. They may be thrilled to learn you remembered their goals and shared, say, news of a potential second location for their business or a vacation property that met criteria they previously mentioned to you—even if not part of their concrete plans.

Source: Texas REALTORS®