Great Reads for REALTORS in 2016

Feeling the need to get inspired, get organized, get new ideas or just get customers? Make it your goal in 2016 to check out some of these great books for your business. Some are old favorites and some are new releases, and all offer insight into building and running a great relationship-based business.

The Compound Effect and Living Your Best Year Ever by Darren Hardy. Both books are about how small changes can have a big impact in your life. Living Your Best Year Ever is part journal, part daily planner, and all about staying focused and achieving balance.

The Art of Selling Real Estate by Patrica Cliff. Similar to The Compound Effect, Cliff writes that small changes over time can yield incredible results. Specifically address the challenges and rewards of building a successful real estate career.

Seven Levels of Communication and Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents by Michael Maher with Hal Elrod. The 7L book and the system in which it encourages readers to run their business will change your life. It’s all about relationship building and giving back first. Maher explains how to incorporate an Attitude of Gratitude and his Do It Now philosophy. You will be amazed at the deep relationships you will build with the folks in your pipeline.

Customers for Life: How to Turn that One-time Buyer Into a Lifetime Customer by Carl Sewell. In a similar vein to 7L, Carl Sewell describes his philosophy of treating every customer like your best customer from the first moment you meet.

Mastermind Dinners by Jayson Gaignard. If you read Seven Levels first, this will build off some of Maher’s ideas in a concrete way. Gaignard demonstrates how connecting people in your sphere will lead you to better success in your own business.

How to Make Your Money Last by Jane Bryant Quinn. A powerful read that pairs nicely with the above books to set your goals for retirement and actually have a plan to achieve them.

The Power of Broke by Daymond John. While not specifically a real estate book, nearly every agent can relate to starting from scratch with few resources. The Shark Tank host began his first business with $40 and found that being broke is a great way to unleash your creative advantage.

How To Leverage Your Real Estate Business With Facebook by Skyler Irvine. Using Facebook to bolster your business, leverage your impact with your sphere, and increase sales without spending a dime on ads.