Comment on Proposed Changes to Leasing & Property Management Forms

The Leasing and Property Management Committee on February 6 proposed changes to several Texas REALTORS® forms. Visit the Proposed Form Changes page to see the redlines and to comment on the forms before March 7.

Here are explanations about the changes.

Proposed Revisions to Existing Forms

TXR 2003 Residential Lease Application

  • Added lettered paragraphs for ease of use.
  • Added additional checkboxes under Property Condition about how the tenant viewed the property.
  • Clarified REALTOR® representation and marketing questions.
  • Removed marital status questions.
  • Added text message consent question.
  • Clarified authorizations given to landlord and/or landlord’s agent regarding applicant information.

TXR 2004 Animal Agreement

  • Clarified definitions and expectations for animals on property.
  • Clarified Consideration paragraph to account for various scenarios.
  • Reworded tenant’s liability for property damage.

TXR 2006 Residential Lease Inventory and Condition Form

  • Reformatted for ease of use.
  • Replaced “master” with “primary.”
  • Replaced “drapes, blinds, shutters” with “window coverings” to maximize information provided.

TXR 2007 Residential Lease Guaranty

  • Changed “pet” to “animal” for consistency among all Texas REALTORS® forms.
  • Removed marital status question.
  • Removed citizenship question.

TXR 2014 Residential Lease Amendment

  • Added additional space for landord and tenant names.
  • Added “add” and “remove” checkboxes to clarify occupant changes.
  • Added instructional note on occupant changes versus tenant changes.
  • Switched landlord and tenant information boxes to correspond with signature boxes below.

TXR 2015 Addendum Regarding Rental Flood Disclosure

  • Added informational notice for proper form usage.

TXR 2016 Tenant and Occupant Information

  • Removed “age” space, as date of birth is already requested.
  • Removed marital status question.
  • Lengthened Social Security number line.
  • Clarified locations for tenant versus occupant information.

TXR 2208 Notice to Vacate

  • Added disclaimer for affixing notice per Texas Property Code.

TXR 2211 Lease Amendment Concerning Tenant Change

  • Replaced “pet” with “animal” for consistency among all Texas REALTORS® forms.

TXR 2216 Itemization of Security Deposit

  • Replaced “pet” with “animal” for consistency among all Texas REALTORS® forms.
  • Clarified Security Deposit inclusions.

TXR 2225 Response to Request for Assistance Animal

  • Changed “pet” to “animal” for consistency among all Texas REALTORS® forms.
  • Moved landlord signature line to left for consistency among Texas REALTORS® forms.

TXR 2226 General Information for Landlord Regarding Assistance Animals

  • Added information to definitions of assistance animals for clarity.
  • Replaced “pet” with “animal” for consistency among all Texas REALTORS® forms.

TXR 2229 Notice of Termination Due to Casualty Loss

  • Included reasonableness standard for removing items from property.

Proposed New Forms

The committee proposed splitting TXR 2209 Late Notice or Notice of Other Breach of Lease into the following two new forms:

  • Notice of Late Rent Breach of Lease
  • Notice of Non-Rent Breach of Lease

Proposed Form Removal

TXR 2227 COVID-19 Lease Plan Payment Agreement

  • This form could be reworked in the future to a form for a payment plan agreement.

Source: Texas REALTORS®