Dallas and Ft. Worth make the list of Fastest Growing Cities

The U.S. Census Bureau released its list of fastest growing cities on May 24, 2018. Texas figures prominently, with San Antonio topping the list at more than 60 new residents daily (24,208 in 2017). Dallas and Ft. Worth also made the top 5 at spots 3 and 4. Dallas added 18,935 residents, while Ft. Worth gained 18,664. Frisco topped the list for largest percentage growth, at 8.2% in 2017. The growth gave Frisco the 9th largest numeric increase on the list, as well. Other Texas cities on the largest % increase list were New Braunfels (#2), Pflugerville (#3), Georgetown (#6), McKinney (9), Flowermound (#11) and Cedar Park (#13). Sizewise, Ft. Worth became the nation’s 15th largest city, displacing Indianapolis, and threatening Columbus, OH for 14th. At the rate it is growing, Ft. Worth could overtake San Francisco and Jacksonville in the near future. Houston (#4), San Antonio (#7), Dallas (#9) and Austin (#11) were the other Texas cities on the top 15 list by size.

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