Did You Mean To Put Me on Hold?

The MLS Status “Hold” (formerly known as Temporarily Off Market), seems to be a hot topic these days in conversations surrounding MLS statuses.

We are seeing an increase in the use of this status by our MLS subscribers which has led to the widespread misuse of the “Hold” status. To ensure there is a proper understanding of this status, below is a review of the acceptable reasons to use the “Hold” status:

The “Hold” status should only be used for a short period of time and under certain circumstances. For example, you may have an Owner who has reasons for not allowing showings for a short time period, but they are still under a listing agreement. For instance, the Owner may have fallen ill, or there may be some repair work going on that would make the house unsafe for showing.

Please remember that THIS IS A TEMPORARY STATUS. The “Hold” status should not be used in place of the Cancelled or Withdrawn status. If your seller has terminated their listing agreement with the listing broker, then the listing broker or office administrator should change the status to Cancelled or Withdrawn.

For further information on MLS Status Definitions, click on the link below:

MLS Status Definition and Purge Rules

Please contact the MLS Department with further questions at mls@dfwre.com or 214-540-2755.