Here’s When Duplicate Listings Are Allowed…And About That Error

The MLS only allows duplicate listings in very specific circumstances. One is if the property is for sale and also for lease. The other is if the property is listed in two different categories. Such as Residential and Vacant Land.

So what should you do if when you submit your listing and you receive the error “Duplicate Listing,” and neither of the above pertain to the listing?

First, go to the status tab and select “incoming,” then submit listing so you don’t lose all of your work. Next, go to your home page in Matrix and put in the street number, street name only, and city to search the MLS.

Check any listings with statuses other than Sold, Leased, or Cancelled.

Reach out to the Listing Agent for any other statuses to determine if there’s an error or any outstanding terms between the Seller and Brokerage. If there are terms, you cannot list the home without the matter being resolved.

If no terms remain between the Seller and Brokerage, contact with the MLS number and street address to correct the listing status if the previous Listing Agent is unwilling or unable to make the correction.