Finding the Best Tenants with Tenant Screening

As you’re looking to fill vacant rooms, you want to make sure that you’re finding the best potential tenants you can. You want to avoid tenants who may not pay or who won’t be kind and courteous to you or to your other tenants. If you don’t find the right tenants for your apartments, you may end up driving away loyal, paying tenants while keeping non-loyal tenants who consistently forget to pay rent.

Tenant screening can help you to identify better candidates for your apartment so that you can avoid certain tenants that are not ideal for you, your apartments, or your other tenants.

Request Information
In order to thoroughly complete a tenant screening process, you will need certain information from the potential tenant. Information that you will need includes their full name, social security number, current address, existing landlord’s name (and phone number), employer (and phone number), income, addresses they have lived at, and the names of all individuals who are planning to occupy the apartment space.

More or less information may be required depending on the tenant screening process you choose. You will need written and signed consent from applicants in order to do a thorough background search.

Tenant Screening
Without tenant screening, you are taking a chance and shooting into the dark. You could try to take the tenant’s word for their ability to make payments, their lack of a criminal history, or any other claims they make. With tenant screening you can know for certain whether or not what they are saying is true.

Tenant screening will provide you with a comprehensive list of information to help you make the most informed decision. There should never be any reason that a potential tenant does not go through your tenant screening process.

Online Background Searches
Online tenant screening, like those at Tenant Background Search, are fast, easy, and affordable. Without an online service to do background searches, you will be stuck trying to do all the background checks yourself on your own time, and you will need to make sure you’re doing them correctly in order to get all the pertinent information.

We recommend an online background search as this will save you time and searches can be completed much more quickly. Otherwise it is up to you to do all of the searches locally on your own, and you may forget to search certain data or information.

Filter the Results
Once you have enough information, you can begin to filter out the results based on certain criteria. First, you may choose to look at the potential tenants’ criminal history nationwide. After that, you might begin looking at a tenant’s financial history. Have they been able to make payments and have consistent income to support themselves and make consistent payments? You can filter the results however you see fit, based on what criteria is most important to you. Once you’ve filtered the results, you should be left with some great tenant options to lease your space to.

Are you ready to get started with tenant screening? Tenant Background Search and MetroTex have recently partnered to provide its members a new, simple and streamlined process for tenant screenings and rental applications. Find better tenants by searching across the nation for important, relevant information of your potential tenants.

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