Fresh Ideas To Make Your Next Open House a Hit

Would you like your next open house to stand out? Want to increase foot traffic, generate more interest in the property, and make a positive impression on people who could become future clients? Check out these ideas for your next open house.

Make It an Event

You can do better than a vegetable tray and a bag of cookies. Instead, partner with a nearby restaurant, food truck, coffee shop, or caterer to generate buzz and create an exciting event in the neighborhood. Now your open house has more guests, those guests receive high quality food and drinks, and the vendor receives local promotion. Everyone wins.

Invite the Neighbors

Your buyer—and future potential clients—could be right next door. Personally invite neighbors surrounding your open house location. Not only will they want to see the home, but they may also reach out to their friends, family, and coworkers who may be looking to buy a home in the area.

Lessen the Mess With Shoe Covers

Whether you supply a box of shoe covers for visitors to slip on or you invest in an automatic shoe cover dispenser, minimize the dirt visitors track into your open house. It keeps the sellers’ floors or rugs spotless and makes cleaning easier at the conclusion of the event. This also shows prospective sellers the level of detail you will bring if they hire you in the future.

Make Signing-In a Better Experience for Visitors and Yourself

Replace paper and illegible handwriting with a digital sign-in experience. A tablet, laptop, or a QR code visitors can scan with their phones makes it easy for people to fill out the sign-in sheet. Digital sign-ins also save you the time it takes to transfer handwritten information into your database. Make sure you give visitors a reason to share their contact details with you, such as information you will send them about that property and other local real estate data.

Play Up What Makes the House Special

Maybe your sellers’ property has desirable features that are not noticeable on first viewing, or you can’t be present to tell every guest about the house’s best qualities. You can place signs or sticky notes in certain rooms or on appliances to explain what people would enjoy if they lived there. These signs don’t need to be comprehensive; keep them simple and engaging.

Virtually Stage the Rooms

Staging rooms can take time and money. Virtual-staging services make it easier by creating photos of rooms staged in different ways that visitors can view by scanning a QR code on their phones. Guests will have an easier time imagining that front room as a bedroom, office, or entertainment center with virtual-staging images. Clearly communicate that the photos are virtually staged, so there is no misunderstanding about what visitors are viewing.

Spotlight Your Brand

You are hosting the open house to find potential offers for your clients, but don’t sell your own business short. Have personally branded items around the house, such as water bottles, doormats, and business cards with your name and contact information. Many visitors will not make an offer on the house, but all of them can leave with you in mind as their future agent.

The House Is Not the Only Thing That Has To Have a Price Tag on It

If your sellers have an “everything must go” mindset, see if they want to put price tags on their furniture. Visitors can check out the house while considering a furniture purchase. Keep in mind that this can create distractions from your main purpose, so consider bringing an assistant to deal with visitors interested only in the furniture.

Art on Display

Work with a local artist to provide art pieces to put on the walls or around the house. It can give the property some pop while also bringing in more visitors. The artist can invite friends, family, and other artists to the open house to come see the pieces of art and maybe find interest in your sellers’ property.

Leave Your Visitors a Gift To Remember You By

Give your guests goodie bags with information packets about the house and everyday items like pens, markers, notepads, magnets, etc., branded with your information. Take it one step further by making the bag itself a gift—a personally branded tote bag that can be used on multiple occasions.

Collaborate With Other REALTORS®

Collaboration could be the key to attracting more visitors and finding a buyer at your next open house. Work with other REALTORS® to host nearby open houses on the same day.

Go Live on Social Media

Many social media channels offer a live feature. During your next open house, go live to your followers and showcase the open house you are hosting. Give them a walkthrough tour like you would in a one-on-one situation, pointing out features and facts about the house. This can create online buzz about the property, and the video will remain on your feed after the livestream ends.

Follow Up!

Your work is not done after the open house ends. Send emails or texts to interested parties as soon as you can. (You can prepare these ahead of time so all you have to do is fill out contact info and send.) Even people who didn’t express interest in the property deserve a follow-up. Thank them for coming, ask for their feedback, and find out if you can be of further assistance. This opens a communication channel you may be able to use to build awareness and attract future business.

Source: Texas REALTOR® Magazine