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The MetroTex Member Logo demonstrates to your clients, prospects, and professional partners that you’re plugged into the fifth largest local association of REALTORS® in the nation. You already know the REALTOR® Logo shows you’re committed to the Code of Ethics and high standards of excellence. Now you can take it to the next level – the local level – by displaying the MetroTex Member Logo, too.

Who can use the Member Logo?



MetroTex grants active members a limited license to use the MetroTex Member Logo to indicate membership in MetroTex.

Member Logo Usage Guidelines



  1. Members may use the MetroTex Member Logo for the sole purpose of indicating membership in MetroTex. Use of the MetroTex Member Logo must not be presented in a context that would indicate sponsorship, endorsement, or partnership of an individual, a business, or an event.
  2. A member’s license to use the MetroTex Member Logo automatically terminates when that individual ceases to be a member in good standing of MetroTex.
  3. Members may use the MetroTex Member Logo in connection with their personal name and in connection with their brokerage name or DBA. This means that the MetroTex Member Logo must appear in close proximity to the member’s name or business name.
  4. Members may not use the MetroTex Association of REALTORS® standalone logo at any time without express written permission from MetroTex’s Senior Director of Marketing & Communications. Only the MetroTex Member logo maybe used by members without this permission.

Request permission to use MetroTex standalone logo.

Proper Coloring of the Member Logo



The MetroTex Member Logo may only be used in the provided color formats:

    • MetroTex Blue and Wheat (see colors below)

MetroTex Wheat


CMYK: 21, 28, 74, 1

MetroTex Blue


CMYK: 97, 68, 36, 20

  • All Black
  • Reversed white (for use on dark colored backgrounds only)

Member Logo Backgrounds



The MetroTex Member Logo may only be displayed over a solid-colored background. The MetroTex Member Logo may not be superimposed over an image or patterned background.

Member Logo Sizing & Spacing



    • All elements of the Member Logo must remain clearly readable. The relative proportions and spacing of the components of the Member Logo must be maintained.
    • Area of Isolation
      The Member Logo must always be surrounded by an “area of isolation” that is equal to the height of the distance between West Texas and the top of the Panhandle on the Texas part of the logo. No other wording or design elements may appear within the area of isolation.

  • Do Not Alter The Member Logo
    Members may not alter or modify the Member Logo, including adding or removing elements of the Logo, using the Logo to create new designs, distorting the Logo, or tilting the Logo.

Full Color






Full Color






Permissions to Use the Standalone MetroTex Logo

To use the MetroTex Logo that is not the MetroTex Member Logo, contact Senior Director of Marketing & Communications Jess Price at explaining the desired usage to receive written permission.