MetroTex Announces Proposed Slate of 2023 Officers and 2023-2024 Directors

Applications received from the general membership were submitted to the MetroTex Nominating Committee for review and selection. The Nominating Committee then presented the proposed slate of Officers and Directors at the June MetroTex Board of Directors meeting and the Board approved the slate.

The MetroTex members listed on this page have been nominated to serve as Officers and Directors of the MetroTex Association of REALTORS® for the terms indicated. The MetroTex Bylaws provide that additional nominations must be in writing and signed by not less than 3 percent of the REALTOR® members of the association. Please refer to Article XI, Section 4(d), (e), and (f ) if you have any questions about the procedures for nomination. This notice constitutes the slate recommendation by the Nominating Committee.

Special thanks to the 2022 Nominating Committee for their hard work: Chairperson, Bill Jordan (Chair) Taylor Walcik (Ex‐Officio) Belinda Epps (President Elect), Linda Callicutt, Kevin Caskey, Jennifer Clark, Brenda Cole, Richard Gregory, Darwin Stephens, Derek Westley and David McKamie.

For any further information, please contact MetroTex Chief Executive Officer Janet Kane at 214-540-2701 or email