Quick Reference Guide:

REALTOR® Membership Benefits

You stand out in the crowd.

Being a REALTOR® tells prospects and clients you adhere to a strict Code of Ethics that protects clients, the public, and other real estate agents.

Code of Ethics
You're committed to ethical business practices.

Being bound by the Code means consumers’ best interests are served by you cooperating ethically with other REALTORS® and the public.

Arbitration & Legal Hotline
You've got legal backup.

Avoid lawsuits by consulting with Texas REALTORS® Legal Hotline, available exclusively to REALTOR® members. And if a lawsuit becomes unavoidable, you’ve got access to arbitration to save time and money.

Classes & Education
You're in the know.

You pay lower member prices for a huge number of MetroTex classes, including those with CE, SAE, and Certifications/Designations. Plus, get top-notch Matrix MLS Training as part of your membership – some MLS classes even offer CE at no extra cost to members!

Networking Opportunities
You've got connections.

MetroTex offers endless opportunities to increase your sphere of influence, find the best service providers, and expand your business.

KEY/Lockbox Services
You open doors.

Only REALTOR® members have access to these essential services that allow you to show and market properties.

MLS Access
You have the information.

Your MLS access comes at a lower cost than non-members pay for the same powerful data.

Additional Benefits & Discounts
You've got bennies.

REALTOR® membership gives you discounts from companies ranging from travel to office and printing products.