NAR Reaffirms Its Stand on Fair Housing in National Ad

“We believe that fairness is worth fighting for, and we won’t stop until the fight is won,” reads a new full-page ad from the National Association of REALTORS® that will appear in The New York Times on Sunday and The Wall Street Journal on Monday. The ads, which focus on REALTORS®’ commitment to fair housing amid social unrest around race, are an extension of NAR’s “That’s Who We R” campaign.

The association also is providing print and social media assets for members and state and local REALTOR® organizations to help spread the message in their markets. The assets, which also include a billboard option or a poster for your office, are available at and on the Photofy app.

“If recent events have taught us anything, it’s this: We have more work to do,” NAR’s ad states.

The ad—highlighting that NAR’s strict Code of Ethics goes beyond federal anti-discrimination laws and stresses honesty and fairness in housing—marks the first phase of NAR’s fair housing intiative. In addition, a sponsorship package in Politico’s “Playbook” newsletter will run next week. “In these unprecedented times, fairness and efforts to eliminate discrimination have never been more top of mind with consumers,” NAR President Vince Malta said in a statement. “For decades, NAR has been committed to, and fought for, making housing fair for all. And yet, many don’t realize the broad scope of NAR’s commitment against all forms of discrimination in housing, giving us a key moment of opportunity to own this commitment to fair housing in a public way.

“An initiative like this is made even more powerful with you—to stand behind it and bring it to life,” Malta noted. “We encourage members, brokerages, associations, and everyone in the REALTOR® family to join us as a champion of fair housing by leveraging these materials, sharing this message, and amplifying this important effort.”

NAR plans to build on the momentum of this first phase by launching a second phase of the fair housing initiative in September, extending into additional channels to make consumers aware of what discrimination looks like in housing. NAR also plans to collect real estate stories to help raise awareness around cases of housing disparity and discrimination.

Source: REALTOR® Magazine