New Listing Presentation available from CloudCMA

CloudCMA has partnered with the top Real Estate Coach and Speaker, Tom Ferry. Together they have created a Listing Presentation that will be released starting Tuesday, August 8th.

Similar to the Cloud CMA Power Pack, this kit will include:

  • 20 new report covers
  • 25 pages of additional report content
  • New designer illustrations
  • And Tom Ferry’s script book, “Dialogues for Breakthrough Conversations”

The Tom Ferry Listing Presentation Kit will be sold at live events, in the Cloud CMA app, and via other opt-in marketing channels.

This is completely optional.

Agents can choose to add the Tom Ferry Listing Presentation Kit to their Cloud CMA accounts through an order form. You will get a 30-day free trial and only be charged a one-time fee should you keep it past the trial period.

Retail price is $149. Discounts can be applied to charge $124 or $99. Agents can cancel at any time and will not be charged if cancellation occurs during their trial period.

NOTE:  CloudCMA is offered to all NTREIS subscribers at no additional cost (included in MLS fees).   Optional upgrades such as the Power Pack and this new Tom Ferry Listing Presentation Kit will require agents to sign up and provide payment to CloudCMA.