New Matrix Launching in August

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or brand new to Matrix, we’d like to introduce you to Matrix X.

Matrix is mobile friendly, cross-browser compatible and has long been considered the most intuitive MLS software available today. Since the release of its previous version, the Matrix team has been working hard to improve upon the user experience and develop efficiency-rich features to bring out the best in you.

The new Matrix is tentatively scheduled to launch on August 24 and will include:

1. OneHome

The Client Portal has been upgraded to a platform called, OneHome. Since OneHome no longer displays the header once used in the Client Portal, the Agent Header is now only displayed as a Print Header. Users may still configure their banner, mugshot, branding, and colors just as before, but only a print-width preview of each header is shown. OneHome also simplifies the consumer experience with only a single positive (Favorite) or negative (Discard) category. All listings previously designated as Possibilities are now Favorites.

2. Modern UI

The look and feel of Matrix now combines modern color pallets, iconography, navigation, and state of the art design. Existing functionality has been redesigned for improved readability and accessibility. Each contact’s record has been expanded from its old accordion-style format to become a new, dedicated page. Multiple tabs provide accessibility to various information within the contact profile, and new widgets to provide insights into the contact’s use of OneHome. A new “Notifications” icon in the Matrix header provides a central location for alerting the user to important information such as Concierge Alerts, and the new “Utility Menu” provides access to the user’s personal Settings, Help section, Team Member switching and Logout.

3. 360 CMA

While Matrix already includes a public records search, listing and tax data are now combined into a single CMA Comparables search containing the latest data for all properties in the market…not just MLS listings. Automatically generate 360 Comps with a single click from any property in the system. Twenty comparable properties selected for their proximity and similarity—which are current or recent listings or sales—help instantly provide a value guideline. In addition, all report pages within the 360 CMA share a consistent, modern design. The overall content mirrors the existing Matrix CMA, but with a fresh, clean look.

4. 360 Map

Matrix 360 now offers a set of new map layers which provide immediate visualization across the entire market by displaying a small color-coded pin within the parcel of all properties of a certain status, regardless or the current search criteria. Layers are available at the same zoom levels which display parcel boundaries, and each pin can be clicked to view relevant information just as when clicking in the parcel. For example, while browsing new Hot Sheet listings on the map, turn on the layer of recent Sold listings to quickly gauge relative urgency and value in that area. Turn on recent Tax Sales to view additional properties which have sold outside the MLS, all without leaving the map!

Click here for more information about Matrix X.