Serving on an NAR Committee

When it comes to shaping the direction of policies at the national level, NAR’s committees play a pivotal role. These platforms serve as the initial arenas for discussing and voting on ideas.

Why Consider Serving on a National Committee?
Participating in committees allows individuals to actively influence the trajectory of NAR and its policies. If you aspire to have your perspectives heard and desire to contribute to the decision-making process, NAR’s committees offer an invaluable forum for engaging in debates and discussions. Moreover, involvement in national committees can be instrumental for those aiming for future leadership positions within the organization.

How Can I Get Engaged?
The committee selection process comprises three key stages. Firstly, there’s the committee application phase, which occurs from April to May of the year preceding the appointment year. Applicants are required to submit a member expertise profile, demonstrating their experience beyond what is outlined in the application form.

The second stage involves the selection process, during which State Association Executives assess and prioritize applications, providing feedback on submissions from their respective states. Ultimately, all appointments are subject to approval by the incoming President.

The final stage is the notification process. Chairs and vice chairs receive appointment letters between mid-July and late August, while all other appointees receive their notifications via email in early October.