Traveling This Summer? Check Your Airbags First

Traveling This Summer? Two Texans have died due to faulty airbags.

Check your vehicle’s airbags at TODAY & SPREAD THE WORD! Under the oversight of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 19 automakers are recalling vehicles with certain types of airbags.

Even in a minor fender bender, these airbags could explode and spray metal fragments or shrapnel toward drivers and passengers. At least 15 Americans have been killed and hundreds more injured because of these airbags.

While the recalls affect drivers across the country, NHTSA ordered automakers to prioritize the repair of airbags in older vehicles that have spent time in geographic areas of the U.S. with persistent heat and high absolute humidity. NHTSA research shows that prolonged exposure to high heat and high humidity makes these airbags more dangerous and poses a higher risk of explosion.