The Problem With Listing Photo Embellishment

Picture this! Or maybe not.

You’ve scheduling a showing with your client for a property that they’ve “fallen in love with.” The listing has photos showing a beautiful green lush front lawn with a cobblestone walkway down to a sparkling blue pond at the back of the property.

When you pull up to the property, you check the address to make sure you’re at the correct location. Your client’s disappointment shows on their faces. The front yard is basically a dirt pile without a blade of grass to be seen. There’s no walkway down to the pond in back and it is not blue but green and slimy looking and smells really bad!

We’ve seen a recent rash of reported listings for photo embellishments. You may be asking what is an embellishment. An embellishment isn’t necessarily making your photo look like it’s been bedazzled with sparkles- it can be something as simple as making the sky bluer or the grass greener. The NTREIS MLS Rules Section 7.30 states, “only a true current photograph of Listed Property may be placed in the ‘Property Photograph’ section without decorative borders, other embellishments, or any digitally enhanced modifications that would misrepresent the true condition or appearance of the property.”

If something in the photo has been altered in some way so as to create an inaccurate portrayal of the Listed Property it cannot be used in your listing.

Quick things to remember regarding your photos:

  • Branding or watermarking photos with your name or brokerage is not allowed.
  • Being able to see your sign in a photo is not allowed.