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Housing Activity Report

In this industry, data matters. MetroTex provides powerful current, monthly and annual data reports supported by the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.

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If you need assistance with housing activity reports, please contact our Communications Department at 214-540-2720 or email

The Leader in DFW Real Estate Training

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If you need assistance, please contact our Professional Development Department at 214-540-2751 or email at

MLS Support

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Get the MLS support. Our mission is to provide superior service through our support staff in addition to providing a wealth of information about MLS programs. If you need help with any MLS issue, please call our MLS Department at 214-540-2755 or email

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The largest REALTOR® association in North Texas and sixth largest real estate association in the U.S., MetroTex provides programs and services to over 21,000 professionals involved in all aspects of real estate. MetroTex empowers its members through professional development, advocacy and market intelligence leading to prosperity.