Real Talk To Present Special Live Broadcast in Honor of Homeownership Month

Homeownership Month is about coming together to share stories, advocate for the changes that matter to us, and create opportunities for future homeowners. In honor of Homeownership Month, Real Talk will present a special live broadcast: Homeownership Matters.

At 10 am on June 23, Host Ashley Gentry will welcome Pulitzer and Peabody Award-Winning Investigative Journalist, Bill Dedman. We’ll explore the past, present, and future of homeownership and you and your clients are invited. Get registered here!

As part of Homeownership Month, we also invite you to:

1. Know What Issues Matter to You

Browse some of the most popular stories of the past year: The COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on all things home, advice for first-time homebuyers, and of course, housing affordability. Also, be sure to try the Wealth Gain Tool to see how much your personal wealth increased by investing in homeownership.

2. Be Ready To Vote All Year Long

There is no better time to make sure your voter registration is up to date. Check your registration status and verify your address with REGi, the voter registration bot.

3. Stand With Property Owners

American Property Owners Alliance (APOA) provides resources for property owners on key issues and policies. APOA’s aim is to educate and mobilize citizens in understanding, promoting and helping to advocate for the rights of all property owners. Sign APOA’s latest petition urging congress to acknowledge the value of property ownership.

4. Share Your Timeless Moments

Planting a garden, cozying up in your favorite chair, or sharing a meal with loved ones – every moment is unique. What is your favorite moment from owning your home?