Keybox Assistant- New eKey Feature

Showing and Key Activity reports and showing notifications are more informative when the listing address is displayed rather than just the keybox serial number. The Keybox Assistant feature helps by automatically assigning the listing address to the keybox. The eKEY® application uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) to assist with the keybox assignment process. The listing GPS coordinates are captured when the shackle is released and the key container is opened.

When the Open Shackle function is performed and Adding on a new listing is selected as the reason, a prompt to enter a house number or listing ID displays. If the house number is entered, the Supra system will try to find a match with the house number in the listing database. GPS coordinates are used to find the correct match when multiple unassigned listings have the same house number. If no match is found, the keybox remains unassigned and the system continues to search for a match for 30 days.

When the shackle is opened with an eKEY, the following selections are available.